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17. That 70s Episode

Season 1
1. Something Wicca This Way Comes.
Three sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell discover that they have magical powers, and the must use them to kill a warlock.

2. I've Got You Under My Skin.
A demon which sucks away beautiful womans' life forces' almost kills Phoebe, but Prue and Piper manage to save her before it's too late.

3. Thank You For Not Morphing.
Three shape-shifters try to steal the Book of Shadows and Victor, the girls' dad comes back. The girls vanquish the shape-shifters and Victor vanishes, leaving only a video tape.

4. Dead Man Dating.
Prue tries to avoid having a birthday party, and Phoebe become a psycic in order to pay for a decent present. Piper meets a ghost and they help him get a proper funeral. Prue realises that birthdays are important and they have a big party.

5. Dream Sorcerer.
Phoebe and Piper get too many men after they cast a spell to attract men to them. Meanwhile, Prue is getting attacked by a sleep demon, but with her sisters help she manages to defeat him.

6. The Wedding From Hell.
After a priest dies at a wedding that Piper is catering for, the sisters get suspious. It turns out that the bride and her friends are actually demons, but with a little help from the Charmed Ones, everything turns out fine.

7. The Fourth Sister.
A troubled teen called Aviva makes friends with Phoebe, but she isn't all that she seems to be. She is under the spell of a dark priestess named Kali. Kali sent Aviva to kill Prue, so that she could replace her in the power of three, but the sisters defeat Kali and send Aviva back to her Aunt's house.

8. The Truth Is Out There......And It Hurts.
Prue casts a truth spell while looking for a demon that Phoebe "saw". The three sisters are forced to tell the truth for 24 hours. Piper uses this to confront her boss and get near Leo the handyman, while Phoebe tracks down the next victim. After they have vanquished the demon Prue tells Andy she's a witch. Andy doesn't take it well, but the time runs out, and only the sisters remember what happened.

9. The Witch Is Back.
Prue accidently releases an ancient warlock from a locket belonging to Melinda Warren. He takes revenge on the Charmed Ones, but as he copies powers they are useless against him. They bring back Melinda to help them, and with her help, the manage to curse him again.

10. Wicca Envy.
Prue's boss Rex, who is secretly a warlock (so is his assistant), frames Prue for stealing a tiara. Andy is forced to arrest Prue, but she, with the help of her sisters, escapes and they catch Rex. Rex and his assistant go up in a puff of smoke, and Andy is forced to release Prue.

11. Feats Of Clay.
Phoebe's old boyfriend, Clay turns up with an old urn, which as it turns out, he stole from Egypt. The urn is cursed, but the sisters manage to save themselfs and Clay.

12. The Wendigo.
When Piper is out on her own, she gets attacked by a big hairy beast called a Wendigo, but luckly a guy comes and saves her. When she gets home from the hospital, she discovers that several people have been attacked, who all have the same blood type as her. When she starts turning into one herself, Prue and Phoebe save the day by killing the first wendigo- the FBI agent who was investgating.

13. From Fear To Eternity.
The demon of fear is killing witches by making them live their greatest fears. The demon comes after Prue and Phoebe, and almost succeeds, when Prue comes to pick up Phoebe at a house with a swimming pool- Prue's greatest fear is drowning and Phoebe's is lossing a sister. But, Patty saves Prue, and she vanquishes the demon.

14. Secrets and Guys.
When a young boy is kiddnaped because of his special powers, Prue jumps in to save him. Meanwhile, Leo comes back, and Phoebe discovers that he is really a whitelighter- a guardian angel. At the end, when Piper is sad that Leo left again, Phoebe spills the beans, but neither of her sisters believe her.

15. Is There a Woogy in the House?
When Phoebe's imaginary woogy man manages to take over her and the house after an earthquake releases it from the basement Prue and Piper have to try to convince her and the house to return to the side of good.

16. Which Prue is it Anyway?

When Phoebe gets a vision of Prue being stabbed to death, Prue casts a spell to create two clones of herself. After the two clones have come to a sorry end, the sisters must work out how to save the day and stop the vision becoming reality.

17. That 70s Episode.
Prue, Piper and Phoebe travel back to the 70s to warn their mother, Patty to not make a pact with a warlock called Nicolas (he is about to kill them in the present). The only problem is that their younger selves have their powers and Phoebe isn't even born yet so after they have completed their mission, there is no power of three to send them home again.

18. When Bad Warlocks go good.
When Prue meets a 'priest to be' who is running away from his warlock brothers, she convinces Piper and Phoebe to help her save him.

19. Out of Sight.

When a young boy is captured by grimlocks, the three sisters must find him and save him, but to make matters worse, a reporter  sees Prue using her power and isn't going to stop at anything to get his story published.

20. The Power of Two.
While Piper is away, Phoebe has a premonition when she is on a sight-seeing trip to Alcatraz. Will the power of two be enough to stop a serial-killing ghost who wants revenge on the people who sentanced him to dead?

21. Love Hurts.
When Piper finds out the truth about Leo, she isn't pleased he didn't tell her sooner, but she has to put that behind her so she can save him after he gets attacked by a darklighter. The switch powers, but Prues' and Phoebes' get switched too. The sisters have to save their innocent and Leo with each other's powers.

22.Deja Vu All Over Again.
The sisters get trapped in a time-loop in which they keep losing their lives. When Phoebe has a vision of Andys' live being in danger, they have to work out a way to save themselves, Andy, and get out of the time loop.

33. Reckless Abandon

Season 2
23. (Season premier) Witch Trial.
One year after Prue, Piper and Phoebe discovered that they were witches, they face a weird demon who pulls the BOS into another dimension and reverses every spell. Prue is still guilty about Andy's death and is relcutant to save their powers. The sisters band together to save the BOS and vanquish the demon. Prue and Phoebe refinance the house to support Piper's dream of running her own nightclub.

24. Morality Bites.
When Phoebe has a premonition of herself being burned at the stake, the sisters use a one-time spell to send them to the future. Prue is running Butlands and has long blonde hair, Piper is divorced to Leo, and they have a daughter called Melinda, and Phoebe is in a high security prison because she has murdered a murderer using her future powers. Prue and Piper cannot save Phoebe, but the elders send them back and the sisters vow to not become the future selfs that they met.

25. The Painted World.
When Prue discovers someone trapped inside a painting and become trapped herself, it is up to Piper and Phoebe to save her. Piper becomes trapped as well, but Phoebe, who cast a smart spell on herself because she had a job interview saves the day.

26. The Devil's Music.

When Piper finds out that the manager of Dishwalla, the new band at P3 has been sacrificing young women to a demon in exchange for fame, the sister race to stop him before it's too late.

27. She's A Man, Baby, A Man!
When the sisters figure out that Phoebe's dream's mean that she is psycially connected to a 'Succubus', they cast a spell to find her. But, the spell turns Prue into a man, and Piper and Phoebe have to convice her- 'Manny' to track the succubus down. 'Manny' succumbs to the succubus, but Phoebe saves the day by helping Prue to resist her.

28. That Old Black Magic.
When an ancient evil sorceress is awaked, it is up to the sisters to find 'the chosen one'- who happens to be a teenage boy, and teach him how to defeat her to save the day.

29. They're Everywhere.
While Prue and Piper are testing Jack and Dan to make sure they're not warklocks by casting a mind reading spell, some 'Collectors' are after a young man and his father. Luckily, Piper and Prue save the day by reading their minds and tricking them into destroying each other.

30. P3 H2O.
The sisters face the truth about their mother's death when they revisit the camp where she died. They met an old man called Sam, who used to be their mother's whitelighter and find out that they had an affair. Prue has to overcome her greatest fear and retrace her mother's footsteps to kill the water demon and save the day.

31 Ms. Hellfire.
When the sisters narrowly avoid being killed by a hit-woman- 'Ms Hellfire', Prue assumes her identity to find out who sent her. When the trail leds to Barbas (fear demon they defeated), Prue has to overcome her fears again to save the day.

32. Heartbreak City.
When Cupid's ring is stolen by a hate demon who wants to undo all the couples he helped, it's up to a dateless Phoebe to save the day by convincing Prue and Piper to help her destroy the demon.

33. Reckless Abandon.
Phoebe brings home an abandoned baby from the police station, after seeing it's father having to abandon it to save it from an evil ghost in their house. The sisters manage to destroy the ghost after it kills Matthew's (the baby) father, but they have become quite attached to him, so they are sad to return him to his mother.

34. Awakened,
After Piper catches a life threating disease, Prue and Phoebe cast a spell to cure her, but when all the other patients in the hospital become infected, they are forced to undo it and watch Piper die. Luckily, Leo saves her, and she recovers fully, along with everyone else, much to the astonisment of her doctor, who is detemined to find out how she survived.

35.Animal Pragmatism.
It's Valentine's Day, and some of Phoebe's college friends try a spell to turn animals into men. But, the men start hurting people, and it's up to the sisters to save the day.

36. Pardon My Past.
When Phoebe's past life as an evil witch in the 1920's comes back to haunt her, she casts a spell to go back there.

37. Give Me A Sign.

Bane narrowly escapes an attack from a demon called Litvack, so he kidnaps Prue to ask for her help. When Piper and Phoebe find her, she convinces them to help Bane and to vanquish Litvack.


38. Murphys Luck

When Prue meets the unluckiest woman in San Francisco, who shes supposed to be photographing for 415, she casts a spell to give her some good luck. But, the dark lighter behind the bad luck focuses on Prue instead and Piper and Phoebe save the day just in time.


39. How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans.

The sisters Aunt Gail comes to see them and to ask their help about a supposed demon in her area. But, when they get to her house, they discover, too late, that she has traded their powers for eternal youth and beauty. The sisters have to rescue their powers and vanquish Cryto.


40. Chick Flick.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe have to battle a demon who brings horror film characters to life. When Billy- the star from Phoebes favourite movie is released, he helps Leo and the sisters to destroy the demon of illusions once and forever.


41. Ex Libris.

When Phoebes friend Charlene finds out about demons, she is found the next morning with her head no longer attached to her neck. Her ghost helps the sisters to vanquish Libris, but she cannot move on until she helps Prue capture a murderer.


42. Astral Monkeys.

The doctor who treated Piper in the episode Awakened has been trying to find out how she made such a miraculous recovery. He tests the Halliwell sisters blood on three monkeys, but the monkey with Prues power injects all of their blood into him. Now having all three sisters powers, he harvests organs from criminals in a bid to save his dying sister. Prue, Piper and Phoebe have to stop him before he kills any more people.


43. Apocalypse, Not.

When Prue gets trapped in another dimension with one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Piper and Phoebe have to work with the enemy to rescue their sister. But, when the big decision comes- Prue or the world, they make the right choice and the upcoming apocalypse is avoided.


44. Be Careful What You Witch For.

When the sisters find a genie in a vase on their doorstep, who grants them a wish each, they are very suspicious of him. Even though they try not to make a wish, Prue turns back into her 17-year-old self, Dan turns into a dying man and Phoebe gets the power to fly from a demon who comes to get it back. Prue gets killed, as she hasnt got any powers, and the genie offers to go back into his vase to save her. When this doesnt work, they wish for her to come back to life and to give Dan peace of mind by erasing his knowledge of Piper being a witch.