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48. All Halliwell's Eve


Season 3


45. The Honeymoons Over.

While Piper is Up there with Leo, Prue and Phoebe learn about several strange murders which leave an inverted triangle on the victims head. When they witness a murder, they have to lie to the Judge to protect their identities. Meanwhile, Phoebe is getting friendly with Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner, and discovering her new power of levitation and Piper accepts Leos marriage proposal.


46. Magic Hour.

While Piper is trying to secretly plan the wedding, the sisters meet a couple who are cursed. The girls boss (a sorcerer who fell in love with her) cursed them when he discovered that his love was in vain. Prue, Phoebe and Piper have to help the couple and organise the wedding (with Grams as high priestess). But just as they are almost husband and wife, the Elders orb Leo out.


47. Once Upon A Time.

Piper, who is heartbroken, declares a strike against the Elders, while Phoebe discovers a young girl who is harbouring a fairy princess. When Prue and Phoebe revert to childlike behaviour with the help of fairy dust, they realise that trolls are attacking the girl in the tweens (in-between spaces). By the time Piper agrees to help, the trolls have captured the girl and the fairy. With the help of a spell, so that they can see their enemies, the sisters kick some troll but and rescue the girl. The elder let Leo return and Cole is after the BOS.


48. All Halliwells Eve

Its All Hallows Eve, and the sisters are catapulted back in time to rescue a young, pregnant woman called Charlotte. Charlotte has been taken by Ruth and Cole, who want to raise the baby in evil. The sisters rescue Charlotte and deliver the baby, who turns out to be Melinda Warren- their ancestor.


49. Sight Unseen.

Prue becomes obsessed with the Triad after the manor is burgled. Meanwhile Cole, surprisingly is trying to protect the Halliwells against another demon who can be invisible. After they have got rid of him, Prue is attacked by Pipers new bartender who is jealous of her. Piper and Phoebe turn up just in time and save Prue.


50. Primrose Path.

When Prue accidentally lifts a curse off a demon, she ends up feeling the whole worlds emotions, which makes her a nervous wreck. Piper and Phoebe find help and with the aid of Leo, Prue manages to defeat the demon and get rid of the curse.


51. Power outage.

As Phoebe spends more time with Cole, not knowing hes the enemy, he has come up with a new plan to defeat the Charmed Ones. He contacts a hate demon, who infects Piper and Prue with anger, and then, against Coles orders, infects Phoebe as well. The sisters use their powers on each other in a fight and then their powers disappear. When Phoebe runs to Cole for sympathy after the fight, he tries to kill her, but cant and sends her home. The sisters make up and Cole kills the Triad.


52. Sleuthing With The Enemy.

The sisters find out that Cole is evil. When Cole gets injured (where the sisters injured Belthozar), Phoebe asks Leo to heal him, but he cant- hes half demon. When Piper and Prue turn up to vanquish Belthozar, Cole shimmers out with Phoebe. After he has killed the bounty hunter who was working with the sisters, Phoebe spares his life and lies to her sisters that he is dead.


53. Coyote Piper.

Pipers high school reunion is approaching and shes dreading it. When the nasty Homecoming Queen starts ordering Piper around at P3 (where the reunion is being held), Piper is possessed by a she-demon and develops a very outgoing personality (dancing on bars!!!). While Prue and Leo try to figure out whats going on, Phoebe struggles with her decision to save Cole. Prue and Leo save the day by almost killing Piper.


54. We All Scream for Ice Cream.

Prue gets déjà vu when she hears an ice cream vans song. When her and Phoebe follow a girl to the van, them and the girl are sucked in. They manage to rescue three children from the nothing, only to discover that they are demons. Phoebe contacts their dad Victor (he rescued Prue from the van when she was little) and with his help, they fix the van and put and the demon back inside.


55. Blinded by the Whitelighter.

Natalie, a whitelighter, and old friend of Leo's, comes to warn the sisters about a warlock, called Aames, who has stolen many powers and is becoming a great threat. It turns out that he plans to steal a whitelighter's powers and go 'up there' to kill all whitelighters and leave their charges unprotected. The sisters defeat Aames, after losing Natalie to him, and Leo and Piper are allowed to become offically engaged as a reward.


56. Wrestling with Demons.

When Prue discovers that her ex-boyfriend is on his way to become a demon, she becomes determined to 'save' him, against the advice of her sisters. They manage to 'save' him, but before they fight the other demons, Phoebe reveals her secret about Cole to Prue. At the end of the episode, Tom is reunited with his mother, and Prue is feeling betrayed by her sister.


57. Bride and Gloom.

Prue is kidnapped by a warlock, and is placed under a spell so they will be married. Piper and Phoebe, meanwhile are unaware, until the evil from Prue's new husband begins seeping into the BOS and them. They start by blinking around the house, and they both love their new-found powers. They figure out that the new Power of three will be much better, and so go to find Prue. They destroy the spell on Prue, and all three sisters return to good.


58. The Good, The Bad and The Cursed.

When Victor (the sisters' dad) takes Phoebe to a ghost town, she sees a ghost of an Indian, called Beau. When he is punched, he falls into Phoebe, and she becomes linked to him and starts sharing his injures- she has his bloodied nose. The sisters discover that the town is cursed in a time loop. Cole turns up, and Phoebe tries to tell him its over, but she falls to the floor with a bullet wound. Prue and Cole shimmer to the cursed town, where they find Beau. Cole and Prue manage to break the curse. Phoebe is healed, and confesses she still loves Cole.


59. Just Harried.

Prue has been having the same dreams for a while, and they are oddly realistic. Piper is planning to have a demon free wedding day, so when Prue tells Phoebe about her dreams, and that she's wanted for murder in them, they decide that they will sort it out after Piper's wedding. Darryl shows up and tells Prue that she is wanted for murder in real life, but they carry on with the wedding. During the wedding, Prue's dream friend bursts into the manor on a Harley, Prue collapses and 'dream Prue' materialises and gets on the Harley and drives away. Piper storms out, and Phoebe discovers that 'dream Prue' is Prue's inner desires. Cole, Leo and Darryl capture the real killer, and Prue wakes up, 'dream Prue' gone. Piper comes back and she is finally married to Leo infront of her family and friends.

60. Death takes a Halliwell
Prue must come to grips with the death of her mother when she is able to see the Angel of Death.
61. Pre-Witched
When a witch's familiar turns evil, the human product tries to get himself killed by the Halliwells nine times because then he will become a powerful and immortal warlock. Meanwhile, three and a half years in the past (before the sisters' powers were released) they must come to grips with the death of Grams and then the departure of Phoebe to New York.
62. Sin Francisco
A demon turns people into the embodiment of each of the deadly sins, including the Charmed Ones and Leo.
63. The Demon who Came in From the Cold
Cole poses as Belthazar to infiltrate an internet organization run by evil, that plans on controlling the world's information flow on the internet. Meanwhile, the sisters must vanquish the warlock posing as the company's manager without exposing Cole's role in the situation.
64. Exit Strategy
The evil Brotherhood plots to sabotage Cole's relationship with Phoebe in an attempt to turn him back to evil. Meanwhile, Piper's power develops with some explosive results.
65. Look Who's Barking
When a banshee attacks and kills a neighborhood man, Phoebe has a premonition of another kill by the banshee while adding on to the Belthazoar section of the Book of Shadows (causing her to think Cole did it). When the sisters cast a spell to make Prue able to hear the call of the banshee without being damaged, it turns her into a white dog. However, when Prue gets hit by a car, Phoebe's remorse causes the banshee to attack her, turning her into a banshee.
66. All Hell Breaks Loose
When the Halliwell sisters are exposed as witches on Nation-wide TV, they form a pack with The Source to reverse time and undo the damage. However, in the process, one of the sisters makes the ultimate sacrifice, placing the Power of Three in mortal danger. 

70. Enter the Demon

Season 4

67 & 68. Charmed Again Parts I & II
The Power of 3 has been destroyed. Prue is dead, but while Piper and Phoebe mourn and Cole is confronted by two demonic bounty hunters a young girl finds herself drawn to the Halliwells.

69. Hell Hath No Fury
Paige, while trying to come to terms with the fact that she is a witch, steals the Book of Shadows and begins casting spells for personal gain. This has some unusual physical consequences for Paige ! Meanwhile Piper still cannot come to terms with the loss of Prue.

70. Enter the Demon
An unfortunate mix up in the kitchen results in Paige and Phoebe switching bodies which is further complicated when they have to confront an evil disciple of a Zen Master!

71. Size Matters
Phoebe and Piper do not take Paige seriously when she has an uneasy feeling about an old house. This quickly changes however when the three of them are shrunk to five inches tall by a demon. Guest stars Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street, 'V')

72. A Knight to Remember
Paige's favourite childhood fairy tale comes to life, bringing her face to face with an Evil Enchantress, and Phoebe and Piper transported back to the Dark Ages!

73. Brain Drain
Piper ends up in a mental institution after The Source brain washes her and tricks her into surrendering the Power of 3. It's up to Phoebe and Paige to prevent The Source from destroying them all.

74. Black as Cole
Cole's past comes back to haunt him when a widow tracks him down seeking vengeance for her husband's death. Meanwhile Piper and Leo test their readiness to become parents.

75. Muse to my ears
Phoebe, Paige and Piper must stop Warlocks who are enslaving the world's muses to use their divine creative inspiration for evil. Meanwhile Cole becomes testy about Phoebe rebuffing his marriage proposal and is concerned that without his demonic powers he can no longer protect the love of his life.

77. A Page From The Past
Leo takes Paige back in time to relive the events leading up to the car accident which killed her adoptive parents. Meanwhile two outlaw ghosts from the 1950's possess Phoebe and Cole.

78. Trial by Magic
While on jury service, Phoebe has a vision that reveals that the defendant is innocent of murder. As she tries to stall the trial, the rest of the charmed ones must try and find the real killer before sentence is passed.

79. Lost and Bound
Paige discovers that a 10-year-old runaway (guest star Alex Black) is a firestarter and being hunted by demon bounty hunters. So while they protect him they try to teach him how to use his powers for good rather than evil.

80. Charmed and Dangerous
The Source is back and out for revenge. Breaking an ancient pact between good and evil, he taps into the ultimate power of The Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, both good and evil and sets out to destroy the Charmed Ones once and for all.

81. The Three Faces of Phoebe
Phoebe starts to get cold feet about her marriage to Cole and casts a spell to find out if she should go through with it, which conjures both a young and old Phoebe (guest stars Samantha Goldstein and Francis Bay) to help her make up her mind. Meanwhile, The Source hasn't finished with Cole yet and has disturbing plans for him which have serious consequences for The Charmed Ones.

82. Marry-Go-Round
It's wedding time again in the Halliwell household, which can only mean one thing...trouble ! (Guest Stars Tony Amendola, better known for his role as Bra'tac in Stargate SG-1).

83. The Fifth Halliwell
Paige becomes convinced Cole is still a demon, while The Source, now inhabiting a human body, plots to get Phoebe pregnant with his evil spawn.

84. Saving Private Leo
Leo's past comes to haunt him, literally, when two ghosts from WWII track him down wanting revenge. Though it isn't Leo they want to hurt, rather the people closest to him.

85. Bite Me                                                                                                 A Vampire Queen orders an attack on Paige with the hope of turning her into a vampire. With Paige on her side she hopes to turn Piper and Phoebe, and with the Charmed Ones on her side, she then hopes to prevent the coronation of a new Source.

86. We're Off to See the Wizard
The Vampire Queen fails in her bid to prevent the coronation and Piper and Paige team up with a Wizard (guest star Armin Shimerman, DS9, Buffy) to stop it, not realizing that the new head of the Underworld is someone close to them and they are in for a shock when they find out the identity of his queen.

87. Long Live the Queen
The new Source (Cole) and his queen (Phoebe) have to prove that they are truly evil by killing Piper and Paige in order to prevent a civil war breaking out in the underworld.

88. Womb Raider
Phoebe begins to exhibit signs of violent hatred towards Paige, while The Seer plots to steal her baby and magically place it in her own body.

89. Witch Way Now
The Charmed Ones are visited by the Angel of Destiny who offers them a choice of destinies for vanquishing The Source: they can remain Charmed or choose to relinquish their powers and live normal lives.