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News from the Webmistress

The site is still back on http://rmcat13.tripod.com, but hopefully

not for too long. Really, really sorry about still no updates.

I will try to find the time to complete the picture galleries and

episode guides.


Have a good month.



Webmistress of HeavenlyCharmed

As usual, email me with any other suggestions. (heavenlycharmed@gmail.com)
Charmed has now finished showing on T4 on Channel 4, but as usual
is being repeated on LivingTV (now LIVING) every weekday.

I have just created this page. It contains links to the pages Links, Affiliates, News, Layouts, Awards and History.
Site of the Month -
If you think your site is great, email me with the address and you might be put onto my sites of the month list. (please- I have had no volunteers- I'm having to look around for good sites)

Charmed Site of the Month


Pure Magic

A great Charmed site with loads of info and resources about the show. Very interactive and informative.


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Season 7 finale- 'Something Wicca this Way Goes'

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