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Birthday Competition

To celebrate the site's 4th birthday, here is a competition for all you guys.

The competition has now ended. Here are the questions and the answers.

Questions (and answers)


1. In the first season, what is the episode in which Piper falls in love with a dead guy? Dead Man Dating


2. What is the first thing Piper says when she gets her new power (the blowing-up-stuff one):

(a) "No-no-no! Don't come near me, I don't want anybody to get hurt."

(b) "Uh-oh"

(c) "What? Oh no."


3. In which episode does Leo appear for the first time? Thank You For Not Morphing


4. Phoebe is burned at the stake in an episode. What is the guy she killed called? Cal Greene


5. In which episode do Phoebe and Paige re-live past events because of a spell Piper and Leo have cast? Cat House


6. Phoebe's ex-boyfriend from New York comes to see her- what is the episode called and what is his name? Feats of Clay, Clay


7. How did the girl's mother die? Water Demon


8. Which half-demon have the sisters had to vanquish 2 times? (Hint:

Prue doesn't like him) Cole/ Belthozar


9. Which or the following has not been a episode name:

(a) I Dream Of Phoebe

(b) The Witch is Black

(c) Charmed and Dangerous

(d) Just Harried


10. What is the name of the 50th episode? Primrose Path


11. Who was the first Charmed One to get married?

(a) Piper

(b) Paige

(c) Prue

(d) Phoebe


12. When Prue's birthday is approaching, what job does Phoebe get to buy her a present? Fortune Teller/ Lounge Psychic


13. What was the name of Piper's first boyfriend on the show:

(a) James

(b) Jake

(c) Jeremy

(d) Jerry


14. What is the name of Gram's first husband? Alan


15. In the 150th episode of Charmed- ‘The Seven Year Witch’, which ex-main character makes an appearance? Cole Turner

Well Done to Catherine from Scotland (100% correct answers), who has won these prizes:



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